The HEIKO THERMAL and THERMAL Plus heat pumps have met high-quality standards and obtained the prestigious KEYMARK certificate.

KEYMARK is a European certification mark that confirms the compliance of products and services with European standards. While the CE marking indicates adherence to minimum legal requirements, KEYMARK provides consumers with real added value: proven and certified compliance with uniform European Quality Standards. It is a certificate that confirms our commitment to delivering the highest quality and efficient solutions for heating and cooling needs.

Importantly, a product can bear the KEYMARK only if it has been previously tested and certified by an independent and competent organization.


The Keymark certificate provides several significant benefits. Firstly, it ensures that a given product meets high-quality standards. Before being awarded the certificate, heat pumps undergo laboratory tests and field studies that assess their energy efficiency and effectiveness. This guarantees that customers can be confident in the fact that products marked with the Keymark certificate are genuinely efficient and cost-effective in operation.

Secondly, the Keymark certificate facilitates the comparison of different heat pumps. Certified products are evaluated according to the same standards, enabling consumers to make informed choices. Information on performance, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions is available in a uniform format, making it easier to compare and assess different models.

Thirdly, the Keymark certificate enhances consumer trust in products. Certified heat pumps undergo regular quality controls, and manufacturers commit to maintaining high standards. This gives customers confidence that they are investing in proven and reliable solutions.

The details and certification procedures are defined in a special European certification scheme, developed in collaboration with the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) and other European certifying bodies. This collaboration ensures the broadest acceptance, transparency, and marketability of Keymark certification for heat pumps in Europe.

The tests and certification encompass the following European standards and directives: EN 14511-1, EN 14511-2, EN 14511-3, EN 14511-4, EN 14825, EN 15879-1, EN 12102, EN 12309, EN 16147, Regulation (EU) No 813/2013, Regulation (EU) No 814/2013.

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