Keeping Your Comfort in Mind

Heiko is a brand that was created in response to the needs of customers. The air conditioning industry has grown significantly in recent years and the expectations of air conditioning devices are soaring. Heiko provides devices that go beyond cooling and heating. Their functions exceed the usual features of an air conditioner. The manufacturer decided to produce air conditioners that are friendly for the users, fitters and the environment. Heiko focuses on comfort, which makes the device control, installation and service much easier. The devices have been designed for modern facilities. The compact structure with a slim panel and elegant design make the air conditioner blend seamlessly into the interior design.  


Smart Solutions



Heiko air conditioners are environmentally friendly due to the use of the R32 refrigerant with the GHG potential 68% lower than the popular and most commonly used R410A. 


Easy to Install

Heiko units are easy to install thanks to easier access to pipes and piping, left and right installation options and increased installation space. 



SMART Air Flow

Thanks to the use of modern techniques, Heiko air conditioners allow you to control the air flow. The air flow is directed upwards during cooling and downwards during heating, which allows the airflow to be evenly distributed, thus avoiding direct airflow towards users. 



Quiet Operation

Operation in a specially prepared silent mode which makes the air conditioners almost unnoticeable. The innovative technology reduces noise levels to 20 dB, making Heiko's air conditioners one of the quietest on the market. 


5-year Warranty

The full warranty covers free spare parts and labour over a 5-year warranty period for Split and Multi Split systems. The condition of the warranty is that the devices must undergo cyclical paid technical inspections at least twice in each year of the warranty period.


Reduced Energy Consumption

The use of modern solutions has led to a significant reduction in energy consumption. Heiko air conditioners boast A+++/A+ energy rating.



The wide range of Heiko products includes:

    Heiko wall and cassette air conditioners are a great solution for your home, office or restaurant. The offer includes devices of different capacity to suit the size of the building. They are modern devices with high energy efficiency, equipped with compressors of the highest quality. 
    This system allows connecting two indoor units to one outdoor unit. With the Heiko Multi Split solution, two air conditioners can be controlled separately, so that different temperatures can be set for each unit. The system allows for cooling and heating of two rooms at the same time.
    Compact devices with sophisticated design and 4 operating modes: cooling, heating, drying and air supply. The air conditioners are equipped with wheels and carrying handles to facilitate their handling. They are controlled with a state-of-the-art panel or a wireless remote control..