Haier Research and Development Centre

Haier is the fastest developing brand in the world, which is currently enjoying growing trust among Poles. Air conditioners of this brand are the most technologically advanced devices on the market. The rapid development and raising of standards in the field of innovation are a result of the operation of the world's largest Research and Development Centre for Air Conditioning. The centre has more than 120 laboratories, including laboratories for conducting tests, research on key parts and simulation of user experience in various weather conditions.

Smart Solutions

3M FilterHaier air conditioners with the 3M filter system ensure that the air in your home is free of different harmful substances such as hair, mites, pollen, fungal spores, bacteria, exhaust fumes and smoke. Their 3M cleansing filters capture both visible and invisible contaminants and other microscopic harmful substances.

Easy Installation

Innovative components, systems and simple design ensure easy and quick installation. The technologies used to make installation easier include an improved mounting plate, 2-way pipes and wider pipe space. 

Quiet Operation
Are you annoyed by the noise of air conditioners? Haier air conditioners take noise control technology to the next level with optimised air ducts and an optimised fan. Enjoy an extraordinary silence as quiet as 15 dB(A).


Easy Control
Haier air conditioners offer a variety of wireless and wired controls. Control your air conditioner with a smartphone app connected to your device via Wi-Fi, a remote control or a wired controller.

Self Clean

Pollutants accumulated on the exchanger during the operation of the air conditioner facilitate the growth of bacteria and adversely affect the air quality. The Self Clean function freezes the exchanger surface with moist air and removes dirt during defrosting. Both the indoor and outdoor units use the Self Clean function.

Gwarancja 5 lat

Wydłużona gwarancja jest pełna i obejmuje bezpłatne części zamienne oraz robociznę w okresie 5 lat gwarancji dla systemów Split i Mulit Split, MRV oraz Akcesoriów. Warunkiem obowiązywania gwarancji jest cykliczne dokonywanie płatnych przeglądów technicznych urządzeń, co najmniej 2 razy w każdym roku obowiązywania gwarancji..

The wide range of Haier products includes:

    Haier offers an energy-efficient heating system. The Haier heat pump delivers convenience, economy and advanced technology in a slim, subtle design. It is equipped with a 5-inch touch screen LED display that can be set to 4 different operating modes to increase efficiency and functionality. Thanks to the AUTO, ECO and HOLIDAY modes, you can temporarily adjust the operation of the device, and the BOOST mode makes it possible to heat water in a flash.
    Haier MRV systems are designed for larger investments. A single outdoor unit can handle multiple units in a building. The system offers simplicity of installation, high reliability and energy efficiency. MRV provides comfortable conditions in detached houses, office buildings, hotels and other public utility buildings.  



    With inverter technology that can be used for cooling and heating depending on the operating mode. Designers can choose the right type of air conditioner to complement the investment, be it a wall, cassette, ceiling/floor or duct air conditioner.
    In Haier Multi Split systems, 2 to 5 indoor units can be connected to a single unit. Haier offers wall, duct, cassette and ceiling/floor air conditioners compatible with such solutions. The maximum permissible length of the refrigeration pipes feeding the individual indoor units is a big advantage of the Haier Multi Split system.