Gazele Biznesu 2017

We are pleased to announce that Refsystem has received the Gazele Biznesu 2017 award. The title of Gazela Biznesu is a recognisable sign of well-managed, honest and financially sound companies. The ranking is prepared every year since 2000 by the daily Puls Biznesu. The aim of the Gazele Biznesu project, which apart from the ranking list consists of a series of four meetings organised in the ‘real world’, combined with the awarding of commemorative statuettes and diplomas, is also to create a chance to make personal acquaintances and contacts, which cannot be replaced by any IT tool.




Delta 2019

DELTA awards are granted to the most dynamic and business-effective companies, which makes them synonymous with positive changes and business development in the industry. The Polish Ventilation Association presents the awards on the basis of economic analysis of companies (manufacturers, importers, trade companies and contractors), taking into account such factors as: the pace of development of the industry and the condition of individual companies compared to the industry average. Refsystem, which is a General Distributor of Haier AC in Poland, took second place in the category of companies existing for 20 years.