The wide range of Refsystem products includes

  • Split Haier (wall, cassette, ceiling/floor, duct) and Split Heiko (wall) air conditioners with inverter technology, which can be used for cooling and heating depending on the operating mode. Designers can choose the right type of air conditioner to complement the investment.
  • Multi Split air conditioners with inverter technology for 2 rooms (Heiko) and 2-5 prooms (Haier)
  • Haier MRV systems are designed for larger investments. A single outdoor unit can handle multiple units in a building. The system offers simplicity of installation, high reliability and energy efficiency. MRV provides comfortable conditions in detached houses, office buildings, hotels and other public utility buildings. 
  • Haier heat pumps combine modern design with innovative solutions to deliver low operation costs.
  • HEIKO Split and MultiSplit air conditioning systems (wall-mounted, cassette) with inverter technology affecting lower energy consumption and high energy efficiency, which are used not only for cooling, but also for heating rooms.
  • HEIKO portable air conditioners with 4 modes of operation: cooling, air supply, dehumidification and heating.
  • HEIKO heat pumps suitable not only for heating rooms, but also for cooling or heating domestic water. There are energy-efficient heat pumps that are ideal for homes, swimming pools and large commercial areas.
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The fastest developing brand in the world, which is currently enjoying growing trust among Poles. Air conditioners of this brand are the most technologically advanced devices on the market.

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A brand that cares about the environment through the use of many pro-ecological solutions. Heiko air conditioners are fitter-friendly, as they are quick and easy to install.