Heat pumps are a key part of Germany's ecological energy strategy. From now on, funding is also available for Heiko heat pumps!

Heiko is opening a new chapter in heat pump subsidies. From now on, THERMAL and THERMAL Plus devices are available on the BAFA list, which qualifies them for government funding in Germany.

Germany, a leader in the use of renewable energy sources, offers favorable support for homeowners and businesses in the field of energy management. Heat pumps are widely recognized as one of the most efficient solutions for heating buildings. Now, thanks to the financial support offered by BAFA, these modern technologies will become even more accessible to German consumers.

What does BAFA funding cover?:

• Purchase of a heat pump

• Installation of a system with a heat pump

How much is available for a heat pump in the BAFA program?:

The program is attracting significant interest from building owners who can receive up to 40% of the investment costs for heating system modernization. The basic level of funding is 25%, an additional 10% can be obtained if a still functional heating system (e.g., oil or gas) is completely replaced by a heat pump. Another 5%, according to regulations starting from January 2023, will be granted for the purchase of a heat pump using natural refrigerants. The grant is limited – up to a maximum of 60,000 euros per building.

Subsidies for Heiko heat pumps on the German market


BAFA - Funding Requirements

Every building-related measure aimed at improving energy efficiency is eligible under the BAFA program. However, the requirements that a specific device must meet from the special list are restrictive – this is to ensure support for the installation of high-quality devices from proven manufacturers. Air heat pumps must meet the following requirements, among others:

  • Limited CO2 emissions at a nominal output of >200 mg/m3;
  • Thermal efficiency of more than 90%;
  • Limited fine dust emissions <20 mg/m3.

Funding can be applied for by owners of residential buildings, property managers, organizations, and even municipalities. Details at www.bafa.de.

Heiko - Keymark Certified Quality

The THERMAL and THERMAL PLUS heat pumps are KEYMARK certified. It is a European mark that confirms the conformity of products and services with European standards. While the CE mark certifies compliance with minimum legal requirements, KEYMARK provides real added value to the consumer: verified and certified compliance with uniform European quality standards. It is a certificate that confirms our commitment to providing high-quality and efficient solutions for your heating and cooling needs.

Types of financial support

  • Investment grants – Grants for the purchase and installation of heat pumps. The amount of the grant depends on the type of heat pump and its energy efficiency.
  • Tax incentives – Investors can take advantage of tax incentives to reduce their investment costs when purchasing and installing heat pumps.
  • Low-interest loans – BAFA also offers low-interest loans for the purchase and installation of heat pumps. This solution allows investments to be repaid in affordable installments.
  • Subsidies for training and consultation – BAFA also supports training and continuing education related to the use of heat pumps, helping users effectively utilize this technology.

Purchase Heiko heat pumps with BAFA funding guarantee

Similar to the ‘Czyste Powietrze’ program in Poland, heat pumps included in the special BAFA program list in Germany provide investors with the assurance of a fast and smooth funding process. Investors can be confident in choosing a high-quality device with the required energy efficiency class and performance.

Check Heiko heat pumps THERMAL and THERMAL PLUS on the BAFA funding list:

[Link to the BAFA funding list]

Thanks to the available funding programs, Germany, and especially heat pumps, are becoming increasingly attractive for the development and utilization of heat pump technology. The tremendous success of the BAFA funding program only confirms this. Heiko is a trusted choice in the European market.

Are you interested in distributing HEIKO heat pumps or would you like to learn more about available funding? Please contact us.