Haier customers will fly to China to take a closer look at the manufacturing process and see the sights of the Middle Kingdom.

The unforgettable trip to China will be taking place from 21 to 29 of October 2019! 

Once again, Haier customers will go on a trip to China. It is an opportunity to get to know the place where ideas for new devices are born, to look at the manufacturing process and the research conducted. The Qingdao Technology Park is a huge complex consisting of 120 test and research laboratories, a factory and the world's largest pressure drop test tower. A week's stay in China will be combined with a tour around Qingdao and Beijing. The group of customers will have the opportunity to see the Great Wall of China and broaden their knowledge of the Middle Kingdom by visiting temples and traditional Chinese buildings and tasting the best regional dishes. The trip also includes a nightly boat trip to Hou Hai Lake and a visit to Mount Lao.